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Data Scientist & Product Developer

Pawel Rosikiewicz

Hi, I am Pawel from Switzerland

I created this website to show you my work on open source projects in Genetics, AI, Medicine and Data Analysis, to provide you with the tools that I developed for solving every-day tasks, and resourses such as books, courses, and podcats that may help you become data Scientist

Welcome to
Simple AI
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Genetics • Healthcare • Analytics • Life Science

My Projects

Get full access to my open source projects in Genetics, Healthcare, Data Analysis and life Science

Welcome to
Simple AI

AI • Data Science • Genetic Analysis • Data Visualization • MEDICAL DATA ANALYSIS

My Tools

Discover my open source tools for EDA, data analysis, Genomic data analysis, and medical datasets exploration

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Welcome to
Simple AI

Keynote Speaker • Data Science Educator • SwissAI meetup organizer


I build open communities of AI and data Science professional and I organize SwissAI Machine Leanring meetups, one of the largest group in Europe

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Examples of my work on open source projects from Genomics, Healthcare, Life science & Data Analytics


List of books, websites, podcasts and courses selected based on my personal experience


Open source tools that I created to help with my daily  AI and Data Science projects


My courses, presentations and interviews with Swiss AI industry leaders


  • free online Courses
  • Books on AI & Data Science
  • Podcasts on AI, DS & Python
  • Materials that I created leaning data science eg: python cheat-sheets, commented code examples


  • Genomics
  • Healthcare & lifestyle
  • Industry
  • Business intelligence


  • PyClass – medial image EDA & classyficastion
  • Data Frame Explorer
  • GapJumper – pipeline for selection of reliable genetic markers

Top Stories

Skin Cancer Detection with low cost devices

Discover how I created a team of experts to build the first open source app for skin cancer detection and classification for patients & medical experts. In this project you get full access to:

  • R&D Feasibility study conducted with over 5000 AI models on open access data from Harvard dataverse
  • Turning R&D proof of concept into MVP on Renku collaborative platform provided by Swiss Data Science Center
  • Business Model canvas & AI readiness assessment prepared for the project

Can we trust to food labels?

Here, I analyze whether an average consumer gets the same information, on food boxes in different countries, and how small changes in calculating Nuctri-scores may help presenting entire food groups, such as cheese in France and sweetened beverages in UK, as more or less healthy.

  • Data Formatted and Cleaned using Python Data Frame Explorer available in tools section

Apr 2021

Skin Diagnostic AI was deployed on Renku a new collaborative platform maintained by Swiss Data Science Center

Feb 2021

PyClass light version was tested

Feb 2021

SkinDagnosticAI Feasibility Study with 5000 models was concluded

Sep 2020

Data Frame Explorer

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Selected Projects